Who Invented Taffy?

May 18, 2022

Who Invented Taffy?

Taffy is a delicious treat that people love. Who do we have to thank for it?

Summertime is around the corner, and nothing tastes better on a fun summer day than a simple piece of taffy. This sweet candy seems too good to be manmade, but that isn’t true. In this article, we will discuss who invented taffy as we know it–and why people love it so much!

What You Need To Know About Taffy

Taffy is a candy that is quite popular in the United States. It is a flavored candy made by stretching and pulling a combination of butter, oil, sugar, and a few other secret ingredients. Colors are also added to distinguish between flavors. Commonly stored and sold in a piece of wax paper to keep it fresh and delicious, it is one of the more visually appealing candies available. It looks as good as it tastes!

Who Created Taffy?

The invention of modern taffy–more importantly, saltwater taffy–is all linked to a man named David Bradley. Though taffy did exist prior to this point, Bradley is believed to be responsible for the famed saltwater taffy that is still popular to this day. 

The story behind this has mixed opinions from those who know it. Some believe it is little more than a tall tale designed to give an added touch of fun to the saltwater taffy origin. According to Bradley, he first invented saltwater taffy with a little help from mother nature. 

During a storm, his candy shop was exposed to large amounts of saltwater, covering the taffy that he had with it. After the storm cleared, he gave away some of the candy–and people really loved it. Some say that the name really just developed because it was sold by the ocean. Other famed taffy makers throughout history have refined taffy, all coming together to make modern taffy as we know it.

Why Is Taffy So Great?

Contrary to its nickname, taffy is not a salty candy. But there are several reasons why folks love and enjoy it. People love it for its soft and chewy texture, as well as its incredible flavor. As more time has passed, people have continued to explore saltwater taffy and ultimately ended up making taffy in a wide variety of flavors–just like ours. It holds well on a hot summer day, and it is also fun to watch when it is made. For this reason, many stores openly show the taffy-making process.

Taffy’s Modern Influence

Despite being around for over a century, taffy remains a popular and lovable household candy choice for folks in the United States, especially those in mountain towns. Its fruity flavors make for an interesting taste, and candy stores are all adding this candy to their catalog. From the look of it, taffy will never go out of style.


Whether it’s for the kids to enjoy with friends during playdates or a snack to enjoy on a hike, taffy will always be a popular treat. The best taffy is taffy which is made with love, care, and delicious flavors. Explore our selection to find your new favorite flavor!