Sell Salt Water Taffy – It’s the World’s Best!

Anyone who has visited Colorado and seen the splendor of the “Purple Mountain Majesties” at dusk knows how special the Rocky Mountains are. The same can be said for our Purple Mountain salt water taffy. That’s why your customers will love it if you sell salt water taffy from Purple Mountain Taffy Company in your store. 

People often have preconceived notions about salt water taffy, but we’re changing all that. Our raving fans love our salt water taffy – people from the east coast, west coast, and everywhere in between. The taste, texture, and flavor are nothing like any other salt water taffy around, and from the first bite it’s clear that this salt water taffy is special. In fact, we believe it’ll be the best salt water taffy you’ve ever had. (Before you buy bulk salt water taffy, put us to the test – ask for a sample and see for yourself.)


   Just a Few of the Things Our Raving Fans Love – 

Over 50 gourmet flavors, each more surprising and delightful than the last.

Recipes created by our confectionary experts and sold in our mountain location in Estes Park, Colorado.

Made the Rocky Mountain way, giving our salt water taffy a distinct texture, look, and taste not found anywhere else.

Mouthwatering taffy that uses only the finest ingredients to create products as fresh as the mountain air where
they’re made.
The nostalgia and joy of experiencing
salt water taffy like it was meant to taste.

Vacation treats perfect for snacking and for sharing with others as gifts.


Try a new take on taffy from Purple Mountain. Buy bulk salt water taffy, and give your customers a treat. They’ve never tasted salt water taffy this amazing. And when they find out what they’ve been missing all these years, they’ll keep coming back to your store for more. 

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