The World’s Best Bret Bars, Toffee, and Fudge

Purple Mountain recipes for salt water taffy and caramels have a different taste and texture than other products, and now our family’s third generation of candy makers has expanded our sweet tastes once again. In addition to salt water taffy and caramels, we offer additional treats and old favorites that make the perfect gourmet snack or candy gift. Try our Bret Bars, toffee, and fudge, and give your taste buds an experience they’ll never forget!


   Purple Mountain Bret Bars

Bret Bars™ are our family’s singular invention. In fact, many of our customers say Bret Bars are their favorite snack in our store. These addictively delicious crispy, peanut butter and chocolate treats are showstoppers (if you’ve ever stopped by our Estes Park family of stores, you know what we mean.)


   Purple Mountain Toffee and Fudge

Our delectable Estes Park toffee is famous for its mouth-watering, buttery flavor balanced perfectly with its generous coating of rich, velvety chocolate and sprinkled gourmet almond or macadamia nuts. Our Estes Park fudge is delicately mixed, flavored, and swirled to creamy perfection.

Each batch of Estes Park gourmet toffee and Estes Park gourmet fudge is made using only the finest ingredients, and our Colorado location gives our toffee and our fudge a taste and quality you won’t find anywhere else.


   The Perfect Gourmet Snack for Any Occasion

What makes our Bret Bars, toffee, and fudge so special? Generations of experience creating the world’s best candies and lots of experimentation. We never cut back on ingredients or sacrifice taste or quality to boost our bottom line, and we never rest on our laurels. Just try our Bret Bars, fudge, and toffee. You won’t be able to stop snacking on them. They’re that good.

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