Perfecting the Art of Gourmet Rocky Mountain Salt Water Taffy, Caramels, and Candy Treats

When the original pioneers set out into the vast, unspoiled beauty of the wild west, they were searching for something special, something they had never seen before. They were seeking a freedom and a quality of life unavailable anywhere else. When they came upon the quiet majesty of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, they knew their search was over.

Purple Mountain Taffy Company honors that pioneer spirit by providing customers with gourmet candy unlike anything found anywhere else. Set in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, Purple Mountain Taffy Company makes the world’s best salt water taffy, caramels, and candy treats. Every day, our devoted customers leave Estes Park wanting more taffy from our Colorado salt water taffy shop. We’ve expanded due to popular demand, and now we’re excited to offer our unique candies from our Estes Park salt water taffy store to our fans around the world.



   Rocky Mountain Salt Water Taffy and Caramels

Having perfected our gourmet confectionary techniques over 50 years, we continue to make our confections using our family recipes and cooking the Colorado way with premium, quality ingredients. This devotion to quality, combined with our determination to surpass our customers’ expectations, is the foundation upon which Purple Mountain Taffy Company was built.

Our family of stores consists of four separate brands working together to bring you the highest-quality candy and ice cream products: Purple Mountain Taffy Company, Laura’s Fine Candies, Hayley’s Homemade Ice Cream, and the Danish Cone Factory. All four stores are owned and operated by the same family that has brought you the finest in Colorado salt water taffy, caramels, toffee, fudge, chocolates, and homemade ice cream for more than 35 years.


   Purple Mountain Majesties

Why the name Purple Mountain? Because we have the great fortune to be surrounded by Colorado’s purple mountain majesties. (If you’ve ever seen a Colorado sunset on a cool summer night, you’ve seen the splendor of the magnificent Rocky Mountains.)

Our family has been in beautiful Colorado for 100+ years, and our Estes Park salt water taffy store captures the Colorado pioneer spirit. Our family’s goal is to keep making our customers smile by sharing as many of our delightful products as possible. Come on into our Colorado salt water taffy shop. We promise to do everything we can to continue our legacy of quality, trust, and delicious candy!



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