What is the Difference Between Taffy and Salt Water Taffy?

November 30, 2022

What is the Difference Between Taffy and Salt Water Taffy?

Taffy? Salt Water Taffy? What's the Difference?

Throughout history, many different candy types have joined the candy scene and dazzled our taste buds—chocolates, hard candies, and, of course, taffy! Although many of us love a good piece of taffy, it can be easy to get confused regarding what kind of taffy you actually like. Do you prefer salt water taffy or regular taffy? Let’s find out!

The Differences Between Taffy Types

Taffy and salt water taffy both play a valued role in candy shops, but the difference between these candies isn’t always clear. Let’s take a closer look at what makes these candies special—and what separates them.

What is Taffy?

Taffy is a type of candy that is made using a device called a taffy pull. The actual recipe behind taffy can vary quite a bit, but it generally includes butter, sugar, and flavoring. This sticky combination is used to create a gooey mass that is then pulled and pulled—and pulled some more! The end result is soft and chewy taffy in a flavor of your choosing.

What is Salt Water Taffy?

Now that you know what taffy is, we need to discuss salt water taffy. As you might expect, salt water taffy is taffy—but why does it get a special name? Well, the name itself comes down to a historical event where one candymaker experienced a heartbreaking flood at his candy shop. His taffy was covered in salt water, and he claimed it made the flavor even better! Surprisingly, modern salt water taffy doesn’t have salt water in it at all.

What is the Difference?

If salt water taffy doesn’t have salt water, then what is the deal with it? What makes it special? Is it different at all? Well, the truth is yes—and no. 

Salt water taffy is taffy, and they are made using the same techniques. Every brand will have its own special recipe, but taffy and salt water taffy are often considered to be the same candy, with one key difference—the design.

While traditional taffy can come in all shapes and sizes, salt water taffy has a signature look. It is often cut into small pieces, sometimes as a single color and sometimes with stripes or blended color schemes, and then it is wrapped in white paper. This visual has been popular among salt water taffy makers for years and continues to be to this day.

The Takeaway

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