World’s Best Salt Water Taffy

Salt water taffy in Colorado? Is salt water taffy in Estes Park really a popular treat? You’d better believe it. Purple Mountain salt water taffy is the best salt water taffy east and west of the Colorado Rockies.

Our story goes like this. As the owners of Laura’s Fine Candies in Estes Park, Colorado, we wanted to make our own salt water taffy for our customers, who clamored for salt water taffy in Estes Park. We invented salt water taffy recipes from scratch, experimenting with recipes and ingredients in a unique R&D process until we created the perfect salt water taffy treat – light, soft, and deliciously melt-in-your-mouth smooth. We had never tasted anything like it before. The taffy was so good, in fact, that we opened a brand-new store.

By the time we opened, we had invented 15-20 flavors. We made trays full, cut the pieces, hand-wrapped them, and filled up the store. Then we ran out of taffy on the first day we opened. We hand-wrapped all of our taffy that summer. The following year, we opened a second location in town, the Danish Cone Factory, and extended the flavor line. The rest is history.



   Hands Down the Best Taffy You’ll Ever Try

Purple Mountain salt water taffy is distinctly memorable, and our fans are fiercely loyal. The reason’s simple – our taffy takes people by surprise. It’s more flavorful than other taffy, and it’s softer, smoother, and more delightful. And it doesn’t stick to your teeth the way other salt water taffy does. No other taffy has this taste or texture. 

Come into the store and try a free sample. Check out our charming taffy-pulling machine in the window. Fill your bag with an assortment of over 50 deliciously unique flavors of original-recipe salt water taffy, each more amazing than the last. Or shop online and have salt water taffy delivered right to your door.

High-quality ingredients. Exceptional variety. This is what the world’s best salt water taffy tastes like. Hands down, it’s the best taffy you’ll ever try!