What Place is Known for Salt Water Taffy?

December 28, 2022

What Place is Known for Salt Water Taffy?

Salt water taffy is a delicious treat that has been around for generations. Originally produced in the late 1800s, rumor has it that this treat has been become a classic, chewy delight that got its unique name after a candy store owner in New Jersey had his inventory soaked from a flood. The product is still widely sold in the boardwalk shops of Atlantic City, but whether or not the salt water had an effect on the candy has been lost to history. 

How is Salt Water Taffy Made?

Salt and water are definitely part of the common recipe for salt water taffy, but none of these recipes contain a concentration of actual salt water. There are a number of ways to make this delightful treat, but generally the ingredients – which are mainly sugar, corn syrup, salt, cornstarch, butter, and glycerine, along with other natural and artificial flavors – are mixed together and cooked in a large kettle.

That mixture is then pulled apart by machines that stretch and pull the taffy to activate the aeration process. Aerating the taffy lets the mixture trap a substantial amount of tiny bubbles inside the mixture – which gives the taffy its chewy texture. After the mixture is stretched and pulled to the perfect consistency, it is cut and shaped into different sizes before being wrapped and packaged.

Where to Find Bulk Salt Water Taffy

One of the premier places to get bulk salt water taffy in Colorado is through Purple Mountain Taffy Company. With their unique tastes and textures, Purple Mountain can deliver a special experience. Delivering more than 50 flavors, this staple of Estes Park delivers a unique experience by using only the best ingredients available. 

Along with selling their variety of flavors through their main location, they also offer bulk and wholesale options. This candy is a great gift idea, particularly to give out to guests as wedding favors, or as a unique and memorable corporate gift. Whether it’s just one flavor, or tailoring your own assorted mix of flavors, these treats are sure to leave a lasting impression. 

What Sets Purple Mountain Apart

Salt water and Colorado doesn’t seem like a good match, but this Estes Park company has become known for the top-notch quality of its products. From their first batch made in Laura’s Fine Candies, the focus has been on producing something with heart and specific attention to detail. Because of this, the products are bursting with flavor – which comes through with soft and smooth consistency. Using the best ingredients to create exceptional variety has built a high-end, memorable product and experience.

Salt water taffy has its history on the East Coast, but there are a multitude of options throughout the United States. Some of the best taffy on earth can be found right here in Colorado. For more information on salt water taffy, or to find out more about the various flavors available, reach out to the taffy experts at Purple Mountain Taffy Co. today.